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A Smoky Mountains Bed and Breakfast near Bryson City NC


A century ago, our home began as a modest mountain farmhouse.

In those days, rural ingenuity enabled farming families to live on their own resources with little cash income. Part of the farm was set aside for raising their own food: corn, potatoes, orchards, milk cows, and hogs. They smoked the meat and preserved the fruits and vegetables. They made their own soap by boiling lye and animal fat. And they plucked geese or chickens to make downy pillows.

That's a legacy that lives on at the Folkestone Inn, with our respect for the land, the environment and the mountain way of life.

A Natural, Earth-Friendly Inn

Green Certified through Trip Advisor

Farm to table breakfast — we use the produce from our garden, make jams and jellies from our blueberry, raspberry bushes and our grape vines, crab-apple and apple trees.

Homemade bath salts for each room all made with natural ingredients

Homemade laundry detergent for all linens and towels

All non-toxic plant-based cleaners for common areas, rooms and bathrooms.

Non-toxic natural weed killer for the grounds

Minimize disposable plastic by using glass containers and commercial storage containers, and refillable bottles.

Much of the food waste is used to feed our chickens

Chickens are free ranging daily and provide the Inn with beautiful, tasty eggs

Breakfast is prepared to order using the freshest ingredients available to the Inn

All meat proteins — bacon, sausage, ham — are cured and smoked at the Inn by Scott

Breakfast dishes are created by Chef Scott with the idea to bring our guests dishes that they would not typically see in a B&B. His creations are both traditional, and for the adventurous eater.

We believe in using the freshest ingredients and flavors that are locally grown. We strive to surprise and excite each guest with our creations and service. We pride ourselves in providing our guests with allergies or specialized diets, creative dishes that will showcase the care we put into each dish.